Heras Fence Scrim & Barrier Scrim Roll

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Material Size Price
Heras Airmesh Panel 340cm x 155cm £62
Heras Airmesh Panel  340cm x 185cm £78
Heras Airmesh Scrim Roll (unfinished) 5m – 100m £55 – £1100
Heras Airmesh Scrim Roll (finished) 5m – 100m £87 – £1750
Heras PVC Mesh panel 340cm x 155cm £62
Heras PVC Mesh panel  340cm x 185cm £78
Crowd Barrier Airmesh Panel 240cm x 80cm  £24


Heras Fence Scrim & Barrier Scrim

Heras fence scrim & crowd Barrier Scrim roll. Buy these as set size panels to fit all standard heras fence pannels or on a continuous run of up to 100m delivered on a roll. Fence scrim comes Printed on PVC banner (440gsm) or textile airmesh (115gsm), Both products are high resolution photo quality. Crowd barriers & heras fencing are great to use at sporting events, festivals, exhibitions, building sites and more. They’re a simple way to turn any barrier into an advertisement with our low cost fence scrim. They’re easy to fix up in seconds and just as easy to take down and clean.


Our tear resistant engineered Poly airmesh is extremely popular and can be purchased as finished or unfinished.  The finished Airmesh heras fence scrim panels come complete with a double stitched finish with a reinforcing tape for extra strength and eyelets every 50cm for fitting. The unfinished airmesh fence scrim is available in continuous runs of up to 100m and can be printed edge to edge and delivered on a roll in barrier scrim and heras scrim sizes. The Airmesh scrim is very lightweight at 115gsm and very easy to handle on large runs, it also has a high airflow to prevent any wind drag on your structure. The unfinished fence scrim can be printed end to end and dispatched in as little as a day.  We constantly look to improve our production process to be as competitive as possible and still produce high quality fence scrim at low cost.

PVC Mesh

The pvc mesh banner is a cross between the pvc banner and the airmesh fence scrim. It has the strength of pvc  but is perforated to allow wind to pass through and has a weight of 300gsm. The pvc mesh scrim has clean cut edges and is finished with a heavy duty power hemming tape that reinforces the edges to stop tearing. The pvc mesh scrim has eyelets for quick and easy installation and is still easy to install due to its more rigid structure. If wind drag on your structure is a big issue we would recommend using the 155cm pvc mesh scrim as it is more robust and would leave some space for air and dirt to blow underneath the mesh banner and increase the longevity of the product. It will also withstand far greater punishment than the poly airmesh fence scrim for uses in extremely high traffic zones like close to main roads. The pvc mesh banner can also be print in lengths of up to 50m but unlike the airmesh fence scrim it is not edge to edge so a white background is recommended. It is finished with heavy duty reinforced power tape and eyeleted.



We can produce hem finished airmesh scrim panels to any size required, we recommend a maximum of 25-30m runs for installation purposes. The unfinished textile poly airmesh scrim rolls can be ordered to certain height specifications and pre-cut before print upon request. Both the airmesh fence scrim and pvc banner mesh panels can be finished to any size request as they are cut before finishing. Double sided barrier jackets are also available on the site for purchase for the crowd control barriers and have an even better finish than the finished fence scrim.

For any queries or sizes not displayed, contact us via phone or email, thank you.

2 reviews for Heras Fence Scrim & Barrier Scrim Roll

  1. Joe Russel

    My second order, Good quality print and material, quick turnaround and they even helped me piece my artwork together. Would definitely use again.

  2. Colin Steven Adams (verified owner)

    We are overjoyed with the service we received from The Print Shop. Great quality products delivered on time and awesome customer service.

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