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Lamp Post Banner Kits

lamp post banners

Lamp Post Banner kits are an awesome, crisp way of projecting your brand. They come in single and Dual systems so you can make maximum use of every lamp post. The print is also double sided to maximise advertising capability.

We only provide these lamp post banner kits as they are the safest systems for our customers to use. They are fully EN40 compliant which is the government outline of wind pressure allowed to be exerted on any fixed lamp post. The Lamp post Bracket system is spring loaded allowing the arms of the system to move in high winds to reduce pressure by up to 88%, this also lengthens the life span of your banners.

The lamp post banner kits that we provide are an all in one system, just decide if you want a single sided or dual sided system ( i.e two systems together one lamppost, all prints are double sided regardless). They come with heavy duty Tamtorque banding straps to fit them, just select the width of your lamppost for the correct set of 6 pieces.

The units also come with the double sided graphic that can have different images displayed on the reverse, Simply upload your artwork here once you’ve ordered. Select the size of the graphic you would like to display and make sure it matches your artwork. The units can display anything up to 4m x 1m banners.

The lead time on this product is 3-5 working day and comes with a 5 year warranty on the brackets. Brackets can also be wall mounted using 3/8” Bolt size but are not covered under the warranty for wall use.

Lamp post banners

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